Floreios Workshop @ Powerplay

Saturday, February 9th

Floreios Workshop @ Powerplay, 432 3rd Ave

3:00-4:15pm (KIDS) and 4:15-5:30-pm (Adults)
$25 (cash only)*

Floreios refer to all the acrobatics movements done in capoeira. We will work on moves like: macaco (monkey flip), palhaço (back handspring), queda de rins (side crunch), aú sem mão (no handed cartwheel), aú de coluna (front walkover), bananeira (handstand), ponte (bridge), pião de mão (spin on the hands) and much more…

Join us for our first and one of the most exciting workshops of the year. Let’s work on our special capoeira moves and take advantage of the bouncy floors and all of the equipment Powerplay offers. This workshop is great for kids of all ages and open to students who are not enrolled in the winter series.

*Adults please pay $25 cash in advance or $30 day of.