Absolute Beginners

Every month a new Absolute Beginner Series begins.

Absolute Beginner Series meets on Tuesday & Thursday 

The cost of the series is $120 if paid in advance or $135 if paid on the first day of class — this includes one free Raízes do Brasil Capoeira group t-shirt. Participants are allowed up to two make-ups that can be redeemed by attending the ongoing Beginners classes.

AbsBegFlyer Sign up for Absolute Beginners today. If you are an adult who has never played capoeira before, we suggest you register for our monthly Absolute Beginners Series. The series of classes, for those new to Raízes do Brasil Capoeira, meets twice weekly for 4 weeks for a total of 8 classes. The classes focus on stretching, conditioning, the fundamental movements of capoeira and its music. The series provides an excellent foundation for entering our regular, ongoing classes and an introduction to the art, music and history of capoeira. If you have always been curious about capoeira and wanting to learn more in an environment designed exclusively for newcomers, this is the class for you!

Please download and bring in a fully executed Absolute Beginners Registration Form to register for class.  You can either drop it off at the academy during our regularly scheduled classes or mail in via USPS.  We accept cash, check, & credit card.  If mailing via USPS, we only accept check.AbsBegClassUniform pants (abada) are not required for the series. However, if you choose to purchase an abada/corda within the first week of the series, you receive a 10% discount. 

If you would like to be added to the Absolute Beginner Information email distribution list,  please request to be added!