In Capoeira, the Batizado is the highlight and most important event of the year. It is an annual ceremony an celebration during which new capoeiristas are officially “initiated” into the art/group and receive their capoeira name (apelido), while existing students advance to their next level/cord color. The initiation itself consists of each student playing a “game” of Capoeira with an advanced capoeirista; after the game is over, the student is given a new cord with their level’s color. In addition to the Batizado ceremony, the event will include a warm-up, Capoeira & Maculelê performances (by your children), lots of singing, music, food and refreshments at the end.

October 11 – October 14, 2017

The Waldorf School of Brooklyn 1-11 Jefferson Avenue (at Claver Place), Brooklyn, NY 11238